Morning light on the Big River

“245. Morning Light at Big River” watercolor by Mariko Irie

This location is Big River in Mendocino, CA.

We launched a small electric boat to go up the river.

The boat was small, so my eye level was so low like sitting on the surface of the river.

It was very morning in fresh and a little chilly air. The sun ray was just right spot and shined the bank and water.

The electric boat is fabulous, because we don’t need to worry about the tie.

The Big River meets the ocean.

If you take a rowboat, you better to go up the river when the high tide and coming down when tie ebb. Otherwise you have to work soooooo hard.

Also the electric boat benefit is so quiet, it doesn’t disturb creatures.

We enjoyed otters and blue herons very much through this ride.

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To Point Cabrillo Lighthouse

“198. To Point Cabrillo Light House” watercolor painting by Mariko Irie

This location is in Casper, Mendocino Coast, California.

I just found the official name is Point Cabrillo Light Station.

They built a small Art Gallery at the parking lot in 2005.

When we were celebrating the Art Gallery opening, I saw the sky was getting reddish.

I told my friends “I’m sorry I have to go.”

The half mile downhill walk to the Light Station buildings from the Art gallery/parking lot.

I didn’t miss the opportunity to see the sunset view. So I run downhill.

Before getting to the Light Station buildings, I saw this gorgeous scene. Isn’t it exquisite?

If you’d like to know about the Point Cabrillo Light Station, you may visit their educational website:

Point Cabrillo Light Station

and a video:

Point Cabrillo Light Station

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Palm Warbler

“972. Palm Warbler” Oil painting by Mariko Irie

I love this scene: An ordinary bird and ordinary scene.

It makes me smile.

If we lost this kind of scenes, we would miss them from our heat, don’t we?

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Black Phoebe

“959. Black Phoebe” Oil painting by Mariko Irie

I love this little bird.

After I painted this bird and stump, my brush stopped.

I left this painting on a shelf, and had looked at the painting every day.

One early morning I was watching outside: small bits of blue sky in white clouds, morning lights were twinkling on the branches.

Then I got an idea for the background of the bird.

This back ground makes the bird warm and happy, doesn’t it?



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Happy Spring

“965. Happy Spring” Watercolor painting by Mariko Irie

I painted this “Happy Spring” in the last month, January.

We had unbelievable warm weather. It got over 80°F in winter!!

It was so warm and made us cheerful, but now we got very cold weather.

I feel so happy that I painted this painting then and now I enjoy it in cold days.

It makes us so warm and smile, doesn’t it?

Lady bugs are well known as “good luck bug”.

The sight of a lady bug is either a call to make a wish or a sign that a wish will soon be granted.

This is for you. I hope that you enjoy this “good luck bug”like I do.

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