Back to the Northern California

I came back to the Northern California.

I met nice artists in San Diego. I learned from them and had a good time with them. But I really missed the Northern California’s Air.

Now I live in Santa Rosa. One hour to S.F and two hours to Mendocino Coast. It’s a house with front yard and back yard. I just seeded salad mix inside of my studio. These days, it gets cold morning and night. But still I’m hoping that they sprout.

My studio is 14′ x 19′ with very bright daylight lights. Thank you for my nice landlord for that.

When I left San Diego, I didn’t know where I want to live. I looked for a place for almost two months. During that time I didn’t have my studio. It was hard for me without it.


I rejoined the Northcoast Artists Gallery in Fort Bragg CA.

Thanks for members of the Northcoast Artists Gallery accepting me as a member. It’s very nice to have a place, where artist can show whatever artist wants. In general speaking, mostly commercial galleries’ owners decide what to show in their galleries. But the Northcoast Artists gallery is a cooperative gallery. So we can express ourselves freely. It’s very important for artists. And we have good quality works, display very nicely and artists greet people friendly.  So customers enjoy shopping there, Artists meet customers and have feed back from them direct. It’s wonderful opportunity for both of us.

I painted several paintings of Mendocino Coast scene in oil. I realized that it takes long time to dry in Santa Rosa now.  It’s very different from San Diego, of cause.

Now there are beautiful autumn leaves on trees around my house and roses are blooming.


A lot of painters move or travel for painting. I understand that very much now. Changing place changes paintings. Stimulate and excite me to see things fresh.

I’m looking forward to see where my painting goes.



January 21: Demo of Watermixable Oil painting for the Clairemont Art Guild in San Diego CA

March 2-April 3: Mariko Irie Solo show 2012 at the Northcoast Artists in Fort Bragg CA

May 9-21: Minnie Valero and Mariko Irie 2012 at the Gallery 21, Spanish Village, Balboa Park in San Diego CA

Aug. 11 -12: Workshop “Let’s paint in Water Mixable Oil” at the Mendocino Art Center


Thank you for stop by my blog. I’m looking forward to seeing you sometime, somewhere.

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