Purple Flowers in The Garden

This is a part of Glendeven Inn, Little River, CA. Their website is http://www.glendeven.com/

Purple Flowers in The Garden

Their setting is so charming. Ocean View, several Lamas are living and beautiful gardens.A House with Purple Rhododendron

They serve eggs from their chicken for breakfast.

Previous owner was fine wood worker. He worked on these buildings with his nice tasty sense. And it had a gallery. My paintings were in the Glendeven gallery. I was so honor to be part of it. They let me have my solo show in 1995.

He quitted to run the galley. And he sold the inn.


Right before I moved to San Diego in 2009. The New owner came to me, and he wants to show my works at the Wine tasting room, which used be the Glendeven Gallery. Now he is showing my works there. I’m very happy that my paintings are in a nice space.A Trail from The Beach

Their selection of wine is excellent. Some of them, you can’t buy from a store. They serve wine with special hors d’Å“uvre.


I love this Inn. Who grew up in a city, dreams to live in a country like this.

The last summer, I painted several oil paintings around Glendeven inn.http://www.mariko-irie.com/trailfrombeach.html

I love to paint interior of rooms as well.


I’m going to have my solo show at the Northcoast Artists Gallery in Fort Bragg, March 2nd-April 3rd.

Maybe you reserve a room at the Glendeven, and come to see my show.



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