Walking for Shopping

This Scene was right before Xmas.

Before Xmas, everybody is busy, walking faster.

Or gathering around.Walking for Shopping


Some people wear a heavy jacket and wool scarf, but some people wear only T-shirt.

It’s in Californian scene, isn’t it?

It’s very interested in me, who was born and raised in Japan.

I think that people think very freely in California.


I remember when I was in High school, a girl pointed other girl and Laughed at her, because she was wearing cotton shirt in winter. At that time I couldn’t understand what is wrong about it.

Later I found there is a Japanese tradition, which is called “Koromogae”.

It started as court function in Heian period (AC700- 1185).

They changed clothing April 1st through September 30 for summer clothing and October 1st through March 31 for winter clothing.

Edo period (AC 1603 – 1868) it is established a system, changing cloths for four times a year for Samurai’s rank. Then Citizen was followed.

Meiji period, 1873 they established a law which Western style uniform for a government official, military and a policeman, from Komono style uniform. And changing uniform on June 1st through Sept. 30 for summer one and Oct.1st through May 31 for winter one. Student uniform is same way even now.


Koromogae of Kimono is four times a year.


My father graduated the university. He was educated by modern/ Western culture. So my family/mother didn’t do Koromogae. So I didn’t know about it.


I like the way, which I wear whatever I want.


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