What is the next?

I was away from my studio.

Now I’m back.

I did Demo of Watermixable Oil for Clairmont Art Guild in San Diego.

It was rainy day, but many people came to the meeting.

They were good audience. They were very interested in what I’m doing and they asked good questions. The president told me that it was very successful Demo. I’m so glad that they enjoyed , so I did too.

I was in San Diego, so I went to San Diego Museum of Art.

I’m not interested in this kind of Modern Art. But I like this person’s gesture. To me her body language says like “ Well, What is the next?”What is the next ?This painting is in Auction.

I got a good comment “Captures the whole “gestalt” – even without a face…” on Facebook of http://www.facebook.com/dailypaintworks.

I always try to leave a room for audience to continue a story of my painting.

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