Harmony Garden

The last Saturday, June 23 was Mendocino Art Center’s 20th Anniversary Mendocino Coast Garden Tour,

I wanted to go to other gardens, but I got out house late. When I got in Mendocino, it was already noon.


Mendocino Art Center scheduled me to paint out at the Harmony Woods.


I went to there.

Wow. It’s in a redwood forest. It’s fantastic. It’s an Art, Living Art. Because plants are living, growing.  And the owner decorate with very charming stuff. Some of them are funny. Anyway I’m very pleased to see  how the owners are enjoying creating this property.

The owners, Judy and Bob have created this garden for 20years.

It’s a man made, still there is harmony with nature. That I love about. And being there makes me relax and peaceful.


Fist I strolled as taking photos. I was so overwhelmed. I didn’t know what to paint. Anyway I had to paint. So I sat up my easel where doesn’t disturb the traffic in the flower garden.

I painted this painting first. Dark redwood forest is background, a few shad of purple flowers and the green, which was glowing by afternoon sun.

Harmony Garden

507. Harmony Garden Oil painting by Mariko Irie

Just colors attracted me so much.

Before I finished this painting, the lady bought it.

She told me that they have a second house in Irish Beach, this painting’s colors match to the room.

Then we named this painting “Harmony Garden” together.

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