Red Rose

After we finished our show in San Diego, I got home in Santa Rosa.

The rose plants by my window of bedroom, which got so tall and roses were blooming.

Before I left to San Diego, they were all buds. It was only 17 days ago,


By the way, thank you for coming to our show at Gallery 21, Spanish Art Center in San Diego.

I got new friends. And some of them remembered my paintings at the Museum of the Living Artist and even I won the best prize.  That pleased me, because I was over whelmed by so many people and good painters in San Diego. I didn’t expect anybody remembered me beside my friends in San Diego.

It was fun. Especially my grandson played with me.  I know that pre soon he loves to play with his friends and he will not play with me.

I got bad flue one week after I got in San Diego. So my energy level was so low and lost voice one day…………


During our show, one gentleman came to see me and he brought me tickets of San Diego Museum. He was so generous and thoughtful. He thought I might like the Kimono show. I was so pleased, because one thing, I didn’t know Kimono show ”Dyeing Elegance” at the museum. And the show was excellent.

This museum brings very good shows. If you are in San Diego, check San Diego Museum of Art in Balboa Park.


After I painted this “Red Rose”, I had to go to Mendocino Coast to take care galleries with my bad flue. It was drug. But I was so happy to see my friends. Even I said that I had flue, they said “So what” and hugged me.


Red Rose

500. Red Rose Oil painting by Mariko Irie

I went to Mendocino Art Center. I met the manager of the gallery.

She offered me my solo show in July 2013. She told me “ How easy it is, because we know you.” I’m very appreciated.

I’d like to mention that no rental fee and I don’t need to be gallery sitter neither. In San Diego, at first jurying, then always artists pay rent for showing space.

So I can announce that I will have my solo show in July 2013 at Mendocino Art Center.


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