E-mail from Ellen

I received this e-mail from Ellen, who purchased “What is the Next” from dailypaintworks.com.

What is the Next ?

445. What is the Next ? Watercolor painting by Mariko Irie

I’m so happy to hear from her and love to share with you.


Dear Mariko,

What a lovely article and what perfect timing! I bought your painting What is the next. I wrote to you in February about using it for our poster/program for our art show in July.  We did use it for our local Bath County Art Show poster and program cover. The show opened July 21 and closes July 29th.


Everyone that has attended the show has raved about the cover artwork. We printed 550 programs so now your work is in 550 homes!  I also displayed the original painting in a large gold frame on a table at the entrance with your bio and website. When the show closes July 29th. I will be sure and send you a copy. We have 260 artists and 704 pieces of art in the show and we have so far had a very successful show.


You are definitely right about what makes you happiest. I definitely feel connected to you through the painting What is the next. I smile every time I see it!


Thank you for sending the article. I love the painting Shoes also.



Ellen Collins


Thank you Ellen, dailypaintworks.com.

And thank you who stopped by my blog.



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