Ten Mile Bridge

This bridge is over the Ten Mile River. The river meets Ocean there.

And the north end of Mackerricker State Park is this bridge.

According to Wikipedia:

An 1861 story in Harper’s Monthly includes a passage recounting the crossing of Ten Mile River: “We found the crossing a little dangerous on account of the tide, which sometimes renders it impassible for several hours, except by swimming. With some plunging, spurring, and kicking, the opposite side was gained in due time”.[8] Later, the river was spanned near its mouth by a bridge on California State Route 1, north of the community of Inglenook. A concrete beam bridge replaced an older wooden deck truss bridge in 1954.[9][10] After studies found that the 1954 bridge was insufficiently earthquake-safe,[11] a new concrete box girder bridge on Highway 1 was constructed in 2009.


When they had Deck Truss Bridge, the scene was completely different from this bridge now. I think that it was much romantic scene.


Ten Mile Bridge

514. Ten Mile Bridge Oil painting by Mariko Irie

I like this painting very much, because the composition is very successful. Dynamic clouds are crossing and the curve of the Bridge is dividing the river. There is my friend’s on the headlands.

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