Breath Love In

It is a time of a year minus energy comes in to us.

I told my friend who is having hard time “Do deep breathing. When you breathe in, breathe Love in, when you breathe out, breathe Fear out”

In Japan they do “Setsubun” on Feb.3rd.

They scatter roasted soybeans as shouting out, “In with fortune! Out with demons!”

Ancient people knew how to deal with our nature.


I made Assemblage “Let’s open our good feeling” last year.


550. Let’s Open Our Good Feeling by Mariko Irie

And this year I made Fine Art Giclee print from the image.

Good words open our good feeling, don’t they?





And I hear:

A dream come true is

For only who has a dream.


Becoming happy is

For only who has an image of happy


Thanks for teaching me

Hoping has a power of reaching future

Like a magnet


Thanks for teaching me

Sowing seeds

Watering plants

Importance of growing future

With all my heart


Your Glow is

A gift from Universe


Arigato= thank you






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