Grandpa’s Lecture

This painting is a one of my “Art Lovers” series.

I love this scene very much. Their relationship is so respect each other.

556. Grandpa's Lecture Watercolor Painting by Mariko Irie

556. Grandpa’s Lecture Watercolor Painting by Mariko Irie


Today is March 3, Hinamatsuri: in Japan.

They celebrate to pray for Girls’ happiness and health.


My best memory of Hinamatsuri was when I was in the preschool. I was born and raised in Tokyo. Almost the end of the second war, Tokyo was attacked from the air. People lost houses. But when I was in preschool, we had a house. We were not starving, but still not much things to have.

My preschool’s director, Tosi Fukuchi was a great personality. She talked softly, slowly and sweet always. She had never raised voice. And she was an authority of Children’s literature. She red great children’s books, showing good children’s movies and moppet shows for us

Anyway, she asked us to bring our own dolls for Hinamatsuri. So we brought our lovely dolls. Some of them were handmade. Teachers created stairs from boxes for oranges or apples and put cloth over it and put our dolls and plum flowers.

We were so happy, because my friends’ lovely dolls and mine were on the stage to look at. And we sung songs and danced in front of that display.


Now I know that she educated us how happy we can be if we use our imagination and creation.


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