Three Women

This is a scene at San Diego Museum of Art.

567. Three Women Watercolor Painting by Mariko Irie

567. Three Women Watercolor Painting by Mariko Irie

The painting on the wall is in very fine realistic oil. I remembered the artist’s name, when I was at the museum, but I don’t remember now. I should make notes all the time.

Perhaps is it Thomas Eakins?

I was exited to look at paintings and people too much at the museum.

Anyway the painting: Young woman wear only a hat and shoes and posing like a ballerina in outdoors. And old woman is sitting in black. I wonder what is the story!?

I’m so curious to know the story.

It’ s a big painting. But this lady in green shirt, she was passing by without any glance to this painting.

I painted this strange scene and named “Three Women”. It’s simple.

If you know about this painting, please let me know.

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