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When I got Japan, I realized that I needed to walk. The last whole winter I didn’t go for walk. So my body was not good shape.

When I was in Tokyo. I didn’t have a car. So everywhere I go, I had to walk I love to go through Inokashira Park. It has a lake. Along the lake there are so many cherry trees. At night they light up.

And I like to walk along the Josui. It’s a cannel. And there are many trees including cherry trees along the cannel. And there is an athletic field as well. Around 7:00am already there are many people were doing exercise there. I did too.

Then I went to mountain house, I did morning walk almost everyday. Somehow I waked around 5:00am. The out side was getting light. Every morning the sky was different.

In a country, mostly road are winding. So I started to walk, after this curve what is there? That kind of curiously leaded me to walk farther. I enjoyed finding new roads and new scenery.

576. Follow a Road

576. Follow a Road

Now I’m back in Santa Rosa. I do morning walk to Nagasawa Park. From my place to there, it’s 1.6miles. There is a lake. Some people do fishing on a boat as well.

The other day I saw several geese and a lot of babies by and on the lake.

Today some body was splashing water, then I looked at the top of the hill, there are a couple geese. Many small birds were flying over the lake. Some of them could be swallows. They flew very close to the surface of water, and making circle.

Every day I find something new.

And it’s very interested in: When they passing by going to a store, they don’t say anything each other. But when people are morning walk, jogging or running, when they are passing, everybody say “Good morning” each other. It’s a nice feeling.

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