Rose World

We went to paint out at Russian River Rose Co. in Healdsburg on May 9th.

I have never been before. It’s amazing. Roses, roses, roses…..

Neighbors are vineyards. Somebody told me that Healdsburg is Provence


581. Rose World Watercolor painting by Mariko Irie

in U.S. The building is European style. So being there, feeling like being in Europe.

I love roses. I was so overwhelmed by beautiful flowers. The owner, husband was working in the yard. I said to him “This is in Heaven. Isn’t it?” He said, ”It’s a lot of work.” I’m very sure that it is a lot of work.

And he has made Rose Perfume. The special roses for perfume bloom for short time. So this is a time to do.

More information of this place, visit

The owners, husband & wife are so nice people.



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