Spring Stroll

I came back from a Japan trip on April 29.

I believe that I got over from my Jet lag this morning. Maybe.

Every time when I come back from Japan, my flight left Japan 12:00am on April 30(Japan time), and got S.F 5:20pm on April 29 (U.S Pacific time). I feel so strange.


When I got Tokyo end of March, Cherry Blossoms were blooming everywhere, it was awesome and in a week they were gone with wind.

After that I went to a countryside where the South Japanese Alps are surrounding.

Cherry blossoms started blooming already. People told that this year they started earlier than normal year. Now days I don’t know what is normal.


When I was at the mountain house, I didn’t pay attention to time.

Mostly time I woke up around 5:30am. It was at dawn. East sky, behind the mountains got lighter. Some times pinky, orangey and yellowish blue.


When I got there early April, there were no leaves on trees. So I could see mountains from a house. One week after, leaves were sprouted. It was amazing. Leaves sprouts are just like flowers.


Well this painting is one of my favor morning stroll route. The point is the entrance of the farmer’s village.

570. Spring Stroll watercolor painting by Mariko Irie

570. Spring Stroll watercolor painting by Mariko Irie

The time there was no leaves on trees and cherry blossoms were blooming. The ground was covered with fresh green.


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