Rose Garden


583. Rose Garden Watercolor painting by Mariko Irie

This is at Russian River Rose Co. in Healdsburg again.

Now you see mountains far away. It’s located where vineyards are surrounded. So feeling is very spacious.

When I was leaving, I couldn’t leave without having one of Rose plants.

The owner, Jann (I hope that her name is right) showed me around. I purchased: the shape of the rose is very classic one. And when the flowers were small, the center of the flowers is pale pink. That she told me.

When I got home I put by the East entrance. I watched the plant everyday. Then I thought that one of them might bloom the next day. And the next morning, the bud and other ones were gone. I knew that deer ate them.

So now the plant is on the roof, in front of my bedroom window. One of them started to open. It’s so cute. And nice pale pink is the center. I love it.


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