After Richard Diebenkorn Show

I was talking with one of artist who was at my opening as looking at my paintings “Cakes & a Boy” and “Thiebaud & Skateboarders”. She told me that if I like Wayne Thiebaud’s works, I might like Richard Diebenkorn’s works. Yes, I do. Then she told me that De Young Museum is having a show “Richard Diebenkorn The Berkeley Years 1953 – 1966”

So I went to see his show.

It was a great show. I have never seen his works in person. It was real treat to me.

I love his 50’s and 60’s works.

As looking at Richard Diebenkorn’s works, I felt nostalgic and same time they bring me something new.


Inside of the show, no camera is allowed. So after get out from the show rooms, it’s at the hallway. There is a huge print of  “Interior with Doorway” by Richard Diebenkorn. It’s amazing technology. The print is way bigger than original painting, but it’s not fuzzy at all.


Anyway there are two men sitting on the bench by the print of Richard Diebenkorn.


609. After Richard Diebenkorn Show Watercolor painting by Mariko Irie

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