Modeled Bodies

There are other shows at De Young Museum. So I went to other ones after Richard Diebekorn’s show.

The title of the show is “Modeled Bodies”.

I used to go to figure drop in. Always models were nude. I wanted to draw or paint models in nice outfit.


611. Modeled Bodies Watercolor painting by Mariko Irie

I love this lithograph very much. It’s by David Hockney. It’s hard to believe it, because it’s so different from his other works.

Probably the lady, who is looking at his lithograph, got a shock like I did.


I just finished “Conversations with Picasso” by his photographer Brassai in Japanese. It’s a great book.

I always respect Picasso since I saw his drawing of a foot. When he was fourteen years old, he drew that. He mastered traditional drawing already. And then he copied masters’ paintings. After that he started his own. He lived in art and  the art movement.

Brassai explained Picasso’s nature “ He has a nature royal to happy events, so he is remained in only memories of happy days.”

I’m not sure I translate right. I red the book in Japanese. Now I’m writing in English. I hope that you feel it.

And he believed “ Achieving to Abstract, you should start from concrete reality.”

Then Picasso said “ Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an Artist.”


Now back to David Hockney, he has lived in Art movement as well. He was born in 1937, so he is 76 years old. He is still painting biiiiiiig paintings plein air, size like 15’ x 40’.

I love to have that energy, don’t you?


By the way, the lady, who is looking at David Hockney’s Lithograph, wears jacket and boots. It was early August. It’s San Francisco outfit in summer.

Thank you for reading my blog.




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