Spring at Heeser Drive

I’m having a show “Mariko Irie 2013” at the Northcoast Artists Gallery through September 3rd.

This is the biggest, best of my shows in this year.


January 1st 2013, something happened to my soul. I got great energy for everything. I’m so happy to paint and the energy is kept going.


After I set up my show, I’m so pleased to see what I painted.


Thank you for who could come to my opening. I had a great time with you.



591. Spring at Heeser Drive Watercolor painting by Mariko Irie

This painting “Spring at Heeser Drive” is in Watercolor.


The location is on Mendocino Headlands, CA.

There is a big parking place. A lot of times, I bring my lunch here and eat as watching ocean, birds flying by…. This view is facing East from the parking.

In spring, there are many kinds of wild flowers. The ground is covered with colorful carpet

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