Pine in Love


622. Pine in Love Oil painting by Mariko Irie

This location is Jug Handle Beach again.

I love this composition very much.


This big empty space balances to everything.


It might be Japanese way to think.

I just got a book “Composition” by Arthur Wesly Dow.  The first edition was published in 1899.

Back of the book says:Dow’s composition exercised an enormous influence on emerging modern artists of century ago including Georgia O’Keeffe and Charles Sheeler.

They are my favor artists.

I don’t read this book yet.

I was trained “composition” for one year and half  before I got in Musashino Art University. And we continued studying “composition” at the university. So I have good confidence of “composition”.

I took painting class of Bill Martin at the college of Red wood. I respect Bill Martin as a great art instructor and a painter.

After the class I showed my painting, which I painted at my studio, to Bill Martin. He said, “It’s me. This composition wouldn’t work for me.” Then I told myself, “Japanese composition wouldn’t work in this country.”

Anyway I took the painting to the Galley and it was sold right away. So I thought that somebody likes the composition. It was two decades ago.

Now I found this “Composition” by Arthur Wesley Dow. His composition based on Japanese composition. I’m very curious to read this book.

Back to my painting “Pine in Love”.

Pine tree is symbol of Perpetuate Youth and Longevity in Japan.

And I saw the shape of heart from the earth of this scene.

So I named “Pine in Love”.


Carol who purchased the painting e-mailed me:

Hi Mariko,

It arrived!  What a wonderful painting.  I will treasure it.  Thank you!


It made my day.

Thanks, Carol


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