Under the Apple Tree


627. Under the Apple Tree Oil painting by Mariko Irie

This scene is at a private garden on Mendocino Coast. It was end of the last month, in August.


In California we have dry season and rainy season.

In Japan we have rain all year. So in summer plants grow and it’s so green.

But in California in summer all weeds, grass die without water. So in summer ground is brown.

I was born and grew up in Japan. After I moved to California, I don’t get used view in summer in California for many years. It was strange to me. But my sons were born and grew up here. So when we visited Japan in summer, they told me, “Mom, it’s so strange, everything is so green here.”


Anyway gardener of this garden takes care of this garden so well. So every plant are so alive, healthy in the garden.


It was nice warm day. It was unusual in Mendocino.

I really enjoyed painting in the garden.

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