Time Goes By


“606. Time Goes By” Watercolor painting by Mariko Irie

This scene is at Jug Handle Beach. But it can be anywhere.

I took one week to complete this painting.

When I almost finished this painting, I wanted some movement in this painting.

During my morning walk, it was thick foggy morning in Santa Rosa CA, I saw clouds were crossing in front of the sun. The sun was covered with fog, but there is round light.

When I got home I finished this painting with the clouds passing in front of the sun.


I just found a book:

Slowly, slowly, slowly said the Sloth

By Eric Carle


I love children’s books with good story & ilustration. Eric Carle is one of my favor illustrator & author of children’s book. When my old son was little, his favor book was “ The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by him. Now his son who is almost four year old, has the book.


Anyway Eric Carle wrote on back of the book ” Slowly, slowly, slowly said the Sloth”:


“Why are we always in a hurry?

Rush. Rush. Rush.

We scurry from here and there.

Quick! Click!—— we watch TV. We eat fast food.

Everyone tells us make it snappy!

Hurry up! Time is flying! Step on it!

There’s so little time just to be with friends.

to watch a sunset or graze at a star-filled sky.

Ah. What we could learn——-even if just a little from the gentle sloth who slowly, slowly, slowly craws along a branch of a tree. Eats a little, sleep a lot, and lives in peace.”


I love to watch. That’s why I’m enjoying painting realism.

During painting, this world time disappears and staring at “Time goes by”.


“Time goes by” slowly, gently just like mild sensuous breezes.

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