From Albion River Inn

I have painted Albion River Bridge, “263. Albion River at Sunset” in 2008. The view was from the harbor.


“263. Albion River at Sunset” Watercolor painting by Mariko Irie

Now I was curious about the view of the bridge from the Albion River Inn restaurant yard.

I copied about the bridge from Wikipedia below.

The Albion River Bridge is a wooden deck truss bridge crossing the Albion River in Mendocino. It is the only remaining wooden bridge on California State Route 1

In 1944, the present span was opened.[6] It was built during World War II, and because concrete and steel were in short supply during the war, it was built of salvaged wood,[2] treated with a copper azole Preservative.


” 660. From Albion River Inn” Oil painting by Mariko Irie

It was sunny and clouds are so exiting. It was in December, but it feels like spring weather and flowers were blooming.

I heard that some people have wedding ceremony on the green on the Albion River Inn restaurant yard.


Today it’s a gloomy day in Santa Rosa. It’s nice to see a sunny day painting, isn’t it?


Though we are waiting for rain.

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