The Valley at Sunset Time

When I was painting “Valley on Xmas Day”, a person stopped by and asked me “Do you want to see better view?”

I couldn’t figure what he ment. But I said “Yes”

Then he told me that he own the property bihind me. He ask me whenever I want to see the view of the top of the hill, I can call him to take me there.

A few days after, I went to there and called him. The property is a ranch. And the edge of the property is the top of the hill.


“659. The valley at Sunset Time” Oil painting by Mariko Irie

Can you see the white fence on this painting bottom? I painted “Valley on Xmas Day” from there.


It’s breath taking from the top. First hour I just stared and enjoyed the view. I told myself that my painting panel was too small.


After I finish this painting fot that day, when I was driving by their house, his wife wearing cowboy hat was walking towards my car with their dog. We chatted. It was a nice greeting. She continued to walk toward the hill in the sunset. It was a beautiful scene.


I hope that you like this painting as I do.

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