Hula-hoops Girls at Beach


“664.Hula-hoop Girls at Beach” Oil painting by Mariko Irie

This scene was at La Jolla Shore the last middle of January.


It was nice warm day.

We walked the long beach for miles.

Walking on the long beach as looking happy people activities were very amusing to me.


I go to Mendocino coast, but the tempter of the air is too cold to be in swimming suits and jumping around.


But Southern California people visit Mendocino coast for escaping from people, crowd.


These girls were having hula-hoops caught my eyes.


When I was a little, hula-hoops came in Japan from U.S. But after that I didn’t see them for long time.

But my friend told me that she got a few hula-hoops from garage sale recently. The woman, who sold hula-hoops to my friend, makes them. She makes small ones, heavier ones, can put fire ones… a lot of kinds.

And then I googled.

It says: they have existed for thousands of years, they are often misunderstood as being invented in the 1950s.

Native American Hoop Dance was, and is, a form of storytelling dance incorporating anywhere from one to 30 hoops as props.

Now the past few years have seen the re-emergence of hula hooping. An International Holiday World Hoop Day has become the hula hoop holiday celebrating the circle around the world.


Wow! I didn’t know all, and even hula-hoops have existed now days. What a fun.


Thank you for Internet.

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