Daddy & Daughter

I have a lot of nice memories with my father.


He was a professor, so he had spring break, summer vacation, winter break, same time we had them when we were students.


When he was young, he used to climb high mountains, like Japanese Alps. And he loved to take us hiking. My brother and I enjoyed hiking very much. Now my brother is a photographer of mountains including wildflowers, rivers, ……nature.


I remember my father took my brother and me to a mountain hut for climbers where was in Japanese Alps to stay in summer vacation. I believe it was when I was a middle school. During us staying, nobody came to the mountain hut.


My father didn’t like a car, so he didn’t have driver license.

We lived in Tokyo.  We had to carry everything we need during staying from Tokyo.

We took a train, a bus and hike up to get the mountain hut. We left home very early morning, and get there almost sunset time.

Then my father put all food in cans and hang them for saving from eaten by some creatures.


There was no shower nor bath tub, so we went to the river.

In the morning, we were above clouds. It was fantastic.

I remember that I didn’t have paint with me, but I had a sketchbook and a pencil. I did a lot of drawings of scenery.


During staying, we almost run out food, my father wanted to just continue reading books, so my brother is seven years younger than me and I had to go climbing down two mountains to do grocery shopping. I felt a great adventure. But when we got back home and told my mother, she didn’t like that.

Now I know what my mother felt. We could encounter bears or some.


Some how he had never took us to any beach.


“668. Waiting for Waves” Oil painting by Mariko Irie

The location of this painting “ Daddy & daughter” was in San Diego. It was a warm day in January.

This painting recalled my child food with my father.

What is your story?




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