To Ocean at Spring Ranch


“673. To Ocean at Spring Ranch” Oil painting by Mariko Irie

The location is Spring Ranch, CA

According to Mendocino Area Park Association: The historic Spring Ranch Barns are part of Van Damme State Park and are located in a high open meadow alongside Highway 1 overlooking the Pacific ocean. There are several barns on the property, but the oldest barn is circa 1864. Sheep ranching, butter-making, dairy, butchering are some of the responsibilities carried out at the ranch.


I painted  “351. Sunny day at the Spring Ranch”: before. The size is 30” x 40” in oil.


I love old fences, meadow and ocean. Why not? So I painted “673. To Ocean at Spring Ranch” 6” x 6” in oil. It’s a small painting. But still it’s nice feeling of spring.

I love it so much.


What do you think?


It’s spring: ground is covered fresh green and wild flowers started bloom.

Come out and join us.

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