A Wave


“676. A Wave” Oil painting by Mariko Irie

A nice warm day, just sitting on a cliff, watching waves coming and going is a wonderful meditation, isn’t it?


It may not make any sense to anyone around you, and might even appear to be preposterous to you as well, but just know that in the end you will not be disappointed. In fact, whoever and whatever you need will eventually appear in their unforeseen Divine perfection. Even if nothing seems to be going right and it all looks like doom and gloom, stay with your excitement. Declare yourself to be in a state of faith and trust, meditate on your vision, and the support will ultimately be forthcoming. The reason that it serves your inner excitement is because in those moments, known only to you, you are in alignment with who you truly are.    Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

If you believe it, it’s yours.

Keep warm and dry,

Have a nice day


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