Hot Cocoa I

My friends told me that this year is rose’s year again.   My friend gave me a rose named “Hot Cocoa” from her garden.


“690. Hot Cocoa I” Watercolor painting by Mariko Irie

When I saw this rose, right a way I wanted to paint a picture of this rose.

Color of any thing changes by light.

This rose: In the morning the color is more bluish. Around noon the color changes to pinkish. And late afternoon the color gets more orange.

It has nice fragrance as well.

Now the flower’s shape is not nice any more, so I took a paddle off, what a supplies. The front of paddle color is light dusty rose, but a base of pedal is very bright yellow trim with very bright reddish orange. The hidden place has so much bright color.

The back of paddle is reddish orange.

I enjoyed painting this rose as seeing the color changes as well.

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