Mitsy’s Rose I


“687. Mitsy’s Rose I” Watercolor painting by Mariko Irie

This rose came from my friend’s garden. My friend’s name is Mitsy. We met at Ping-Pong room at the Finley Community Center. It was my first time to play Ping-Pong there in the last November. Since then we are friend. She is a Japanese. So we can speak Japanese each other. We have been in this country over thirty years, even I go to visit Japan once a year, our Japanese is little rusty. So in our conversation we ask each other “What was the word in Japanese?” It’s funny, isn’t it?

This rose is so colorful. It’s white and pinkish red trim. But white part gets a lot of color by light. I put this rose against north window and painted.

This is the first day of this rose.

“Hello Rosy” This rose is a happy chatterbox, don’t you think?

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