Woman in Passion


“699. Woman in Passion” Oil painting by Mariko Irie

This one is third one, which I painted from same design.

First one was I drew with Sumi (Black ink) with brush on Arches rough watercolor paper in 2007. The image size was 11” x 11” It’s only line; still I wanted to show three-dimensional look. I named “Woman’s Back”.womanbackorig

It was sold to the professor of psychiatry. She loved the quality of the  lines and simplicity. I’m so pleased that she has sophisticated taste.

The second one: I didn’t paint. We had a group show, which theme was “Red”. I scan the black & white image of “Woman’s Back” and in a Photoshop program, drop red in the background.  So it is a Giclee print.


“233. Woman’s Back” Giclee Print by Mariko Irie

I love this design and I wanted to paint much bigger. I painted in Oil on 24” x 24” Gallery Wrapped Canvas in 2010. I named “Woman’s Back in Red”, and I showed the painting in my booth at the San Diego Art Walk. The painting attracted to a couple: the wife is a French. The husband  purchased the painting to surprise his wife as her birthday present.


“348. Woman’s Back in Red” Oil painting by Mariko Irie

A couple months ago, Tim invited me to join his group show “Nude”.

Some how I was interested in Modern Art. So I watched about Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat in YouTube and red about them. What passionate Artists they were.

After all, sudden I wanted paint very simple design with Oil matiere/thick paint on 24” x 24” Gallery Wrapped Canvas. I picked the design of “Woman’s Back” again. When I was painting, I was not thinking anything else, but painting. It was conversation with paints.

I named this painting “Woman in passion”. After the paint was dried, I took to Tim. He displayed the painting in his window, and it was sold.

The lady owns business building in Fort Bragg purchased it. She must be passionate person. I love to meet her in person sometime soon.

Well all these paintings owners are women. What do you say?

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