Portuguese Beach

This location is Portuguese Beach in Mendocino village CA.

We used to live in this small, old, charming village when my sons were Preschool and Grammar school students.

This village has everything we need: two regular markets, one organic food market, hardware store, gas station, preschool, Middle school (is other side of the Hi-way), high-school, Video store, Art Center, Galleries, Library, good book stores, good bakeries, good restaurants, nice outfit stores, Music store, Toy stores, what else do we need?



“726. Portuguese Beach” Oil painting by Mariko Irie

Yes, beautiful beaches are surrounded this village.

This is one of them. When we went there, always there were some children. So they played together.

A lot of loft woods are at this beach. We built something with these. Chasing waves, chasing each other, buried body in sand on an on.

We have a lot of nice memories on this beach

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