Road at Rice Fields


“724. Road at Rice Fields” Oil painting by Mariko Irie

This location was in Hakusyu, Japan.

After harvesting time is over, rice fields are resting.

Along the road, weeds are shinning autumn colors in morning sun.

When I was a child, all roads along the rice fields used to be so narrow just like trails. Now they are much wider. They didn’t use cars and tractors back then. Guess what they used to use carry thing or plow. Everything was done by all human’s power. They carry things on their back. They spade the field. That’s why along the field, there was no road, just trails.

I found photos of the YouTube “Japanese 100 Years Ago”.

It’s only 100 years; our life has been changed a lot. Just think about a moment what has been changed.

We celebrated a lady’s 103 years old birthday a couple months ago at Finley Senior Center where I go to play Ping-Pong. She still plays cards, healthy so on.

That’s why I said, “It’s only 100 years.”


Other 100 years from now, what looks like?????



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