Secret Trail to the Beach


“590. Secret Trail to the Beach” Watercolor painting by Mariko Irie


This trail leads to Northwest side of Van Damme Beach in Little Rive CA.

I got a note from the gallery: It was the couple who asked where the trail was located. It held special memories for them and they were so happy to purchase it for their home.

A lot of people have nice special memories at the locations.


“182. By Van Damme” Watercolor painting by Mariko Irie


I painted this “182. By Van Damme” in Watercolor in 2004, which is the same location, just a little going toward west from the “590. Secret Trail to the Beach”.


Long time I didn’t go to the place, but I was looking at the print of “182. By Van Damme”, I wondered what it looked like in 2011. So I went to there. It’s amazingly the place was not much changed.



“479. Trail to the Beach” Oil Painting by Mariko Irie

And again I went to back there when Margaret were blooming.


“480. Trail of Margaret” Oil Painting by Mariko Irie



The trail is winding and going down and down. Both side of the trail is wild plants including wild fuschias. Over grown plants cover the ocean view. Just keep going, and sudden it opens up and you are on the beach.


“415. A Trail from the Beach” Oil painting by Mariko Irie


When I was climbing back from the beach, I saw this Victorian house. And when I was painting the trail part, some how my memory went to my child food in Japan. I felt nostalgia. We were running as laughing on the trail.

Have you had that kind of flush back?



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