Lupine by Ten Miles River

How are you everybody?

I had a car accident on HWY 128, way home to Santa Rosa from Mendocino on Jan. 3rd.

Don’t worry; I didn’t get hurt at all, just my car.

I was so lucky that no car on both lanes at that moment. My car slipped and lost control. I didn’t want to go off from the cliff, and my car sudden U-tuned to get on the other lane facing Mendocino Coast and the next moment my car was facing the bank and crashed. It might be a short time, but I felt that I was watching movie.

My car’s bumper part was hanging, so I push up and I drove.

Very nice people, two cars stopped for me and guarded my car and led to Navarro Market. They were so kind people.

It was on Sunday. When I went in a store, maybe just before 5pm. The store manager was closing, but he let me use the phone to call AAA which my insurance company.

The manager was so nice; he let other employee went home, he waited for me to finish phone call. He offered me coffee and sweet. He had to close the store. But he told me that he knew the Towing Company guy. He went home, and called the Towing Company and made sure it was coming to rescue me. And came back to me to tell me ”Don’t worry they come.” It was so sweet. After the accident, it was getting dark; I had to wait the towing car in a dark by myself. But these people supported me. Plus I had a good book and good flash light to read for waiting.

The towing driver was a sweet person. We had a good conversation about “Love”, “Appreciation” and other things way to my home for two hours. And then the driver gave a good tip how to handle an insurance Company.

I have never accident before. I didn’t know what a hassle.

The next day I call my insurance company to report.

After the shock, it was hard to think, but I had to tell them and answer all questions. But they did well. They sent me a check to buy a new car. They estimated my car more value than “Blue Book”.

Finding a car is other hassle. I studied cars and had to decide which one to buy. Insurance company paid rent a car for me.

Some car sales man was in a hurry to make me a decision. I was not comfortable at all with a sales woman. I needed a car right a way, but still I wanted to think what I really want.

And alsoI didn’t know how I was so fragile and stressful after the car accident even I didn’t get hurt at all.

But I met Tom Larson and Charles Hansen at Manly Honda in Santa Rosa. They were so relax mood, have a lot of patient to listen to me that made me so comfortable. And they found the car I wanted exactly. I purchased my new car on Jan.11th. So I could drive my new car to Mendocino Coast to attend our annual meeting of Nothcoast Arists Gallery on Jan.12th.

Now I drive my Honda Fit 2016. I crashed my car was Honda Fit 2010. I amazed Honda improved Fit much better in 6 years.

After my accident, three weeks were gone.

But now I’m so relaxed and painted “ 818. Lupine by Ten Miles River” in watercolor.

818. Lupin by Ten Miles River

“818. Lupine by Ten Miles River” Watercolor painting by Mariko Irie

I painted this scene in Oil before, but I wanted to paint it in watercolor.

It’s soothing, isn’t it?

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