Koi (Carps)

When we went to San Diego in the last June, we visited Japanese Friendship Garden at Balboa Park.

I visited the Japanese garden the last time was 5 years ago.

The garden looks much mature looking. The Japanese Friendship Gardener, who had worked the Japanese emperor’s garden in Japan. The Japanese garden takes long time to form. I heard a Japanese gardener images for 10 years ahead, and then plant.


They expanded Japanese Friendship Garden much bigger into the canyon.

They made creek and waterfall and Japanese buildings and planted many trees including cherry trees and willow trees.

Another 5 years after, these trees and bush will glow, it will be nice view.


They have a couple of Koi pond.


And near Art museums in Balboa Park, there is a water lily pond. You may find Koi and turtles as well.

848. Koi ( Carp)_blog

“848. Koi (Carps)” Watercolor painting by Mariko Irie

This painting “848. Koi” is created from these nice memories.

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