Iris & Moon


“851. Iris & Moon” Watercolor painting by Mariko Irie

I love Iris. This iris is Japanese one. They like water. Their shape is a kind of rectangular.


I love the moon. When I saw the moon in a dark, it gives me peace of mind. I feel I’m protected by it.


One of my customer, who is a Chinese e-mailed me sending a box of Mooncake.

So I Googled about Mooncake.


I just found out Chinese also celebrate the moon in September.

The family gets together and eating Mooncake. Do you know it?


In Japan, they celebrate the moon, called “Otukimi” on Full moon in September. We decorate Japanese pampas grass and Dango, which is a kind of dumpling, usually made of rice or wheat flour, where can see the moon, admire the moon as eating Dango.


The last night was a full moon. The air was moisture, so the moon had an umbrella.

Did you see the moon last night?

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