1067. Precious Rainy Day

Do you remember that we were so scared by very dry weather. Even in November we didn’t have any rainy day. Already we had big fires in October in the Northern California.

High wind had blown, PG&E shouted off electricity in some places for safe. What a threat, wasn’t  it?

Now we are having rain, what a precious rainy days.

“1067. Precious Rainy Day” watercolor painting by Mariko Irie

Still some colorful autumn leaves are hanging on trees. 

We can see birds on brunches without leaves. They are busy before winter.

Already ground is covered with fresh green.

Air is not dusty, smells fresh and moisture. 

And it’s so quiet, seems like rain suck up noise.

I just red very interesting article : 

The true meaning of “get energetic” is the electromagnetic field from the heart TransTech conference

â–² Positive emotions synchronize the heart and brain

Heart rhythm and brain alpha waves are known to synchronize naturally, but especially when thinking about positive emotions in the heart, the heart rhythm becomes very regular, and as a result the alpha rhythm also It is synchronized with the heart and becomes regular.

When the heart and brain waves begin to synchronize regularly, the rhythm of breathing, blood pressure, and the rhythm of electrical signals on the skin also begin to synchronize. The authors of this paper call this state “physical coherence,” and if physical coherence is achieved, the body will begin to work most efficiently and will receive various mental and physical benefits. Yes. For example, the efficiency of fluid exchange, passage, and absorption in capillaries and cellular tissues is improved, and the adaptability to cardiovascular circulation needs is improved. As a result, immunity is improved. In addition, cognitive ability improves, thinking becomes clear, and emotions are stable. As a result, the happiness level is said to improve.

â–² Positive emotions affect other people’s bodies

Now, let’s summarize the story so far. First, one point is that emotions are not generated only by the brain, but by teamwork of the heart and brain. The second point is that positive emotional electromagnetic waves transmitted by the heart synchronize the brain and synchronize all the cells of the body. Third, electromagnetic waves reach not only your own body, but also the other person’s body nearby.

So on, if you’d like to read more and if you like in English click translate: 


I experienced breath right is most important to improve health and thinking positively. 

Other words, if we are healthy, we can think positive and breath right. Or if we think negative, we get physically sick and breathing rhythm is irregular.

I felt Happiness is contagious for long time ago, since then I believe it. 

Do we want to have happy lives? Then breath right and think positive. It’s simple, right?

Happy holidays!!

Let’s send positive energy waves to Universe.

We love everybody to be happy.

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