1066. Looking Forward to Tomorrow

Somehow some undesirables events have been happened to me.

But they are coming alone fine.

On the day going to Japan, It was no wind, but PG&E shut off happened to my home in Santa Rosa. They announced they might to shut off because wind condition before that day.

But when I got up in the morning, air was so calm, but no electricity in a house!!??

Of cause no internet, no landline phone.

Luckily I had a hard copy of the Bus schedule to SF Airport. So I got phone number of the bus company. I called them to find the bus was running on schedule and phone number of the Taxi company by my cell phone.

So there is no problem to get to SF Airport except I couldn’t dry my hair by hair dryer.

When we got Tokyo, everybody was preparing for a biggest typhoon. They told me if our flight were one day after, maybe we couldn’t land in Tokyo.

The next day, all public transportation were halted because of the typhoon.

So no school, no business, shops would be closed.

We went to the pub where serves very good variety Japanese food. Everybody was so happy because the next day they didn’t need to go to work so they could drink without thinking about the next day work.

We stayed very closed to Kichijoji station in the building. So very strong wind and rain, but it didn’t scare us. Even we walked in the typhoon to find a market for food in a block. Luckily two markets were opened.

But the next day of the typhoon, our plan was going to mountains in Yamanashi prefecture. But all road were closed. So we stayed in Tokyo two more days. We could do shopping and we found Sports center which has 8 Table Tennis Tables so we played Table Tennis. We had a good time and great meals at restaurants.

Several days before we came back from Tokyo to S.F. Air port, we got announcements around my home in Santa Rosa. It became to be evacuation area, because the fire!!

But a few minutes after we landed S.F. air port, we got an announcement from City of Santa Rosa, all evacuation area in Santa Rosa were lifted. 

Thank you so much for that.

So much undesirable events happen in our lives, we get stress out, right? Even it became to be harmless. At that time, breath deeply, calmly and slowly, then we feel nice soft atmosphere holding us.

“1066. Looking Forward to Tomorrow” Watercolor painting by Mariko Irie

Now we can look forward to tomorrow, don’t you?

Let’s have positive thoughts and release the energy to our wonderful planet.

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