367. The Sky is the Limit

I hear you:

“Shelter in Place” is too long.”

“I love to meet people to chat.”

“Again heavy clouds over my head.”

“Oh no, it’s raining again.”

“ My energy is so low.”

“How do I get motivation?”

Don’t worry, above clouds, it’s blue sky there.

The last year October, we went to Japan for three weeks.

I expected rain to start in October. But it was hot and no rain.

When we came back, most of my plants were dry and looked dead.

In this spring they came back bigger and stronger.

I’m so happy with them.

Today they are in the rain, looking so happy with wet fresh healthy leaves.

I’m going to start seeds inside the house.

Let’s remind ourselves “the sky is the limit”.

“367. The Sky is The Limit ” Oil painting by Mariko Irie”

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