1084. Am I late?

My old customer e-mailed me to do a commission work.

He talked a lot in his e-mail.

There were so many options to take from his ideas.

I read his e-mail over and over again as designing painting.

He wants a commission of one of his favorite birds, Oystercatcher.

He loves my bird series.

You may find them at http://www.mariko-irie.com/paintingaday.html.

Especially he likes my painting “857. Pacific Reef-Heron”.

“857. Pacific Reef-Heron” Oil painting by Mariko Irie

I got an idea to paint three panels with Oystercatcher with abstract background.

After I painted three which are 1084. Am I late?, 1085. Oystercatcher 2 and 1086. Oystercatcher 3, I e-mailed the images.

“1084. Am I late?” oil painting by Mariko Irie
“1085. Oystercatcher 2” Oil painting by Mariko Irie

“1086. Oystercatcher 3” Oil painting by Mariko Irie

He was not quiet happy with “1084. Am I late?” original title of which was “1084. Oystercatcher 1”.

He wanted more variety.

So I painted other one “1087. Oystercatcher 1”

“1087. Oystercatcher 1” oil painting by Mariko Irie

This painting changed this trio paintings’ story. 

This bird added positive humorous attitude, don’t you think?

He loved these  “1085. Oystercatcher 2”, “1086. Oystercatcher 3” and “1087. Oystercatcher 1”

After I finished this series, I realized that I had a great fun with them.

I love “1084. Am I late?” also. It has a great movement.

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