1093. Margaret Trail to Ocean

“1093. Margaret Trail to Ocean” Watercolor painting by Mariko Irie

This location is in Little River CA.

It’s north on Hwy 1 from Van Damme State Park Beach, turn left on Paterson Ln, at the corner of the Inn at Cobbler’s Walk Mendocino.

In front of a small charming house there is a parking spot, from which there’s a walking path to an ocean beach. 

You may see Van Damme Beach from there.

When I was there, nobody, so felt like my private beach😊

Along this part of the trail white Margarets were blooming, toward the ocean fuchsia blossoms were blooming quietly.

Probably park rangers maintain the trail not much used, so plants are a growing a bit wildly which I enjoy.

Not a jungle, to my eyes it’s charming scene and makes me feel warm and smile, a secret garden.

After a narrow trail, the scene changes to expanded ocean view. How exiting!😊❤️

Coming back from Ocean is this view:

“415. A Trail from The Beach” Oil painting by Mariko Irie

Life is a treasure hunt, isn’t it?

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