1124. Peaceful Fantasy

When I was painting “1118. Sun behind Fog” (6” x 6”) I wanted to paint the same scene bigger, long vertical. 

“1124. Peaceful Fantasy” Oil painting by Mariko Irie

I have a 12” x 36” x1-1/2” deep, Gallery Wrap Canvas, that is perfect size for this scene.

When I was painting “1124. Peaceful Fantasy”, I became fascinated by lights dancing on waves.

Fog made a quiet peaceful atmosphere and Sun behind fog made a mysterious cheerful mood.

I love this combination.

After I published the blog “1118. Sun behind Fog”, I e-mailed Larry to tell about the blog.

Then Larry e-mailed me back:

Hi Mariko,

Yes I did notice your two new paintings of Jug Handle. You have captured the scene perfectly. And I’m flattered my photo may have contributed to your work. But your Sumi “Peace at Jug Handle Beach” that I have in my office downstairs was the inspiration for the photo. I had admired that painting for several years and out of pure luck was driving from Albion to Fort Bragg one November day and the fog suddenly cut the gap and I pulled over into the parking lot and rushed down the steps to the beach. At moments like that we know the sun is there in a pewter sky but we can wait for it and enjoy what the fog brings, Peace at Jug Handle Beach…


His writing is so smooth and charming. I love this kind of collaboration😊❤️.

I’m very happy to be a painter.

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