1126. The Colorful Ending

When I was painting “1121. Sunset behind the Veil” (oil painting, 6” x 6”), I waned to paint the scene bigger, in watercolor.

So I painted this, “1126. The Colorful Ending” (watercolor painting, 14″x 21”).

I feel so good when I paint on a bigger surface.

My way of painting watercolor takes much more time than in oil.

During painting, I’m not sure what I‘m thinking, just in the zone. I feel fabulous. When something distracts me, I temporarily lose creativity.

I started a morning routine,

waking up around 5 a.m., 

having a glass water (not coffee),

meditation in bed,

taking a shower, then Yoga.

having a breakfast,

cycling to play tennis, or going for a walk in a huge vineyard.

Then, I start my day’s work.

Afterwards I focus easily, feeling positive energy until bed time.

It helps the quality of each day.

Like this painting, when I go to bed, a French blue vail shrouds my soul. I look forward to tomorrow’s beautiful light.

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