1128. Peaceful Tender Evening

One day I worked at Northcoast Artists Gallery from 11am.

I was able to leave the gallery 4:17pm, earlier than usual, which I was happy about.

I drove down south to get on Hwy 128.

Oh no, the road was closed because the Novaro River had been flooded. It was not a rainy day!?

I didn’t want to go back to Mendocino to get on the Comptche Ukiah Road to get to Hwy 128.

It was close to sunset. I thought it would be nice to enjoy sunset along Hwy1 where I didn’t travel for years.

The sun peeking through Big clouds was beautiful, and I enjoyed the pinkish sky of this scene.

Soon it got dark and heavy fog rolled in, making it hard to drive on a road I didn’t know well.

It was pitch dark, not many cars were driving. I followed the road not expecting such a sharp u-turn, it was shocking.

I was anxious of missing the Bodega Bay turn to get Santa Rosa or Petaluma, not wanting to go all the way to SF.

It was a such slow drive in the heavy fog and the pitch dark of a winter evening that I couldn’t figure out where I was, only that I was on Hwy 1. My navigator didn’t have reception.

I saw cars in a State Park entrance parking lot. I drove in and asked how to get Santa Rosa, finding via Petaluma was a better way to get home to Sonoma.

I got Trader Joe’s, Petaluma before they closed, to shop there. After that no fog, everything normal, smooth driving to get home. Happy ending😊.

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