1129. Cheerful Sparkles at Main St.

I painted “1122. The Sparkle of Sunset” inspired by the photo Janet Ashford posted.

When I was painting from her photo, I felt so good, making me smile cheerfully. 

I wanted to paint bigger and in watercolor.

Painting in watercolor and in oil is very different. So changing media is exited me to paint from the same photo. It’s a challenging adventure for me.

“1122. The Sparkle of Sunset” is 6” x 6”, and this painting, 14″x 21”, sizes are different proportions are different, both from same photo.

Plus my feeling is different everyday, effecting my painting very much.

“1129. Cheerful Sparkles at Main St” Watercolor painting Mariko Irie.

Janet’s photo gave me a good vibration from start to finish.

Janet, thank you for sharing this sparkling scene.

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