1140. View from New Location( Highlight Gallery)

I think many people know about the Highlight Gallery which presents my work, moved to a new location.

The address is 10480 Kasten St, Mendocino, CA 95460.

When I moved to Mendocino in 1982, the building was called “Gallery Fair” run by Warren W. Zimmer. He was a great watercolorist as well.

Then “Flockwork” was there, run by Janet Self, executive director. She brought many fantastic art shows, events to this building as Mendocino art community.

Now Highlight Gallery moved to this historical art building.

It’s a very charming place, especially upstairs with great high celling, my favorite place to show my work😊.

I appreciate that the owner of Highlight Gallery, Sharon Peterson and her people take care customers with a friendly smile and sincerely.

Please visit and enjoy the art.

These views are from the porch at upstairs of the building.

What a sweat Mendocino village, isn’t it?

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