1142, Blue Ray over Big River

This location is Big River, CA.

It was a sunny morning. Several Kayaks were on the river.

It was a mild day with fresh air. What an enjoyable morning.

I took a photo, when I got home I looked at the photo, there is a mysterious blue ray.

I don’t know what it was, but it’s beautiful. 

I painted.

We can make a story about blue bridge for a location at which somebody can land on this earth😊.

By the way, today is July 7th which is 7/7.

In Japan we write our wish on small charming paper and hang on Sasatake which is small bamboo branches for prayer.

An old story about “Tanabata” is the night of July 7 when Orihime and Hikoboshi cross the Milky Way and meet only once a year, when wishes are written on strips of paper decorating bamboo throughout villages. The wish colorful decorations swing with the wind. 

People go out in summer Kimonos with Japanese fans. 

It’s a quaint atmosphere. 

Now they say, “Wish and release to universe.” I like this simple custom while looking at the stars.

Let’s wish with a nice smile tonight😊❤️.

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