1144. Morning Canoeing at Big River

This location is Big River in Mendocino CA.

One morning, I was driving to our gallery, Northcoast Artists Gallery in Fort Bragg CA.

It was sunny, not much wind, waves were calm.

Suddenly I wanted to get off Hwy.1 and get down to the Big River.

I was right, some people are enjoying canoeing on the river,

I have never done canoeing.

But I love the idea, 

Sitting level of a canoe is very close to the surface of the river: imagine sitting on water with a low eye level making the world feel bigger. 

 Just paddling, no motor so it doesn’t pollute water nor disturb creatures. 

 I’m so lazy to paddle, riding electric motor boat is perfect for me. 

The eye level was just like sitting in a canoe, droving slowly to not disturb creatures to enjoy River Otters, Blue Herons and others’ affairs.  

Manner of canoeing is so peaceful and beautiful.

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