1170. The Moon over Ryu_un

“170. The Moon over Ryu_un” Watercolor painting by Mariko Irie

It was full moon in January.

Autumn leaves were still on trees, they glittered by strong moon light.

When I was painting this, I saw a cloud shaped like a dragon.

In Japan people say if you see a cloud like a dragon, take a photo and pin it up in your house, it brings you fortune. We call a dragon shaped cloud “Ryu-un”.

When I finished this painting, I read an article which my friend shared in Facebook:

 “So let us all honor the stories that gave us courage and personal grounding, the stories that brought us here, the finest ones the ancestors carried for us until we could carry them for ourselves.  Let us acknowledge the stories that its time to finally release, to name the dragon so that the dragon can fall and transform into winged wisdom and insight. Let us build a new collective story of healing and the rise of a new power on earth, based in love, supported by love and extended in love.” 

Isn’t this passage beautiful?

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